Bed & Chair Pads/Covers (Kylies)


Our Absorb Plus bed & chair pads have been a mainstay of hospital linen in New Zealand for over 25 years. Exceptional quality & great value for money.

Absorb Plus are ISO 9001:2008 certified and all products are tested with EcoLab chemicals to ensure quality.
Absorb Plus Draw Pad: 85 x 90cm - Polyester Top / Polyurethane Backing - 800mls
Absorb Plus Super Bed Pad: 85 x 90cm - Polyester Top / PVC Backing - 1500mls
Absorb Plus Super Brushed Bed Pad: 85 x 90cm - Polyester Top / PVC Backing - 2500mls
Absorb Plus Chair Pad: 60 x 45cm - Velour - Available in Blue, Burgundy or Taupe
Please note: 
Our Range of Absorb Plus Bed and Chair Pads with aquaperm barrier are dryer friendly to 80°C.
Polyurethane backed products should only be Hydrogen Peroxide bleached.
PVC backed products can be either Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide bleached. 
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