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Our Absorb Plus bed pads have been a mainstay of hospital linen in New Zealand for over 25 years. Exceptional quality & great value for money.

Absorb Plus are ISO 9001:2008 certified & all products are tested with EcoLab chemicals to ensure quality.
Absorb Plus Draw Pad: 85x90 - Polyester Top / Polyurethane Backing - 800mls
Absorb Plus Super Bed Pad: 85x90 - Polyester Top / PVC Backing - 1500mls
Absorb Plus Super Brushed Bed Pad: 85x90 - Polyester Top / PVC Backing - 2500mls
Please note: 
Our Range of Absorb Plus Bed with aquaperm barrier are dryer friendly to 80 degrees C.
PVC backed products can be either Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide bleached. 
Polyurethane backed products should only be Hydrogen Peroxide bleached.
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