Sheets & Pillowcases

BL Stringer can help you find the perfect sheets for you no matter what your requirements. 
Whether you are purchasing bulk for a Commercial Laundry or want an easy care 50/50 sheet that you can launder yourself - we can help you. 

All Sheets are manufactured especially for BL Stringer on shuttless looms for maximum consistency and quality. They are also heat cured to prevent shrinkage and singed to prevent the chance of pilling. 
Indent orders are available and we can get labels, coloured threads, micro-chips or barcodes added at the time of manufacture.
All sheets are sanforized to minimise shrinkage and mercerised for brightness & strength.  They are manufactured on Airjet looms and all edges are hemmed so no salvage is visible.

Thread count is only one factor to consider when purchasing sheets along with the yarn thickness, fibre, ply, weave & finishing.
A higher thread count does not always mean better quality or greater durability. Durability depends on the strength & quality of the fibre & the quality of the weave.
The thread count (TC) quoted literally refers to the number of threads, both vertical (warp) & horizontal (weft) per 10 square centimetres. 
The 2 of these added (not multiplied) together give the thread count. 
eg 94.5 (warp) x 84.5 (weft) = 180TC. 
With 273TC (Supercale) & 250TC (Percale) sheet you have a lot more threads but they are a lot finer & more delicate so they will not necessarily last any longer than a 180TC sheet. 
The higher thread-count may feel slightly nicer to touch & when you hold it up to the light it will look slightly denser but the life-expectancy will be very similar to a lower thread-count.

Over the coming months our percale sheets are upgrading to 273TC.

Before making a decision on which sheet is suitable for your needs we recommend washing them as all sheets will thicken up considerably once washed.
A quick touch test is also very important as different people prefer different products.
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