With over 30 years experience supplying and advising on incontinence, BL Stringer have a wealth of knowledge that we employ to ensure we have the best products for your resident’s changing needs.
New to our range, Nateen is a Belgian company who for over 20 years has been specialising in manufacturing healthcare products.  Their range is one of the most breathable and absorbent in the world, holding up to a huge 5.8 litres.
We are also proud to be partners with Santex who have been actively collaborating with the healthcare world for 50 years from their base in Vicenza, Italy. Their constant innovation has lead to them being the first company to infuse Aloe Vera into their products plus the range is now amongst the most breathable in the world.

As part of our Continence Management Program we also offer the following:

•  Online Training and Education (including video demonstrations).
•  Stock Management system that calculates your requirements and prevents over ordering.
•  Budget forecasting tool to calculate total costs.
•  Ability to analyse specific resident’s needs over time and the associated costs.
•  Regular reporting to help identify changes in usage.

Talk to one of our helpful team today about your continence requirements.

Free Trial packs available on request.

Nateen Assessment & Product Application Guide
Nateen Sizing Guide & Resident Tracker