Manuka Honey

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Activon™ Honey is 100% medical grade sterile New Zealand Manuka Honey which has a reliable level of antibacterial potency not found in honeys from other floral sources. Activon™ honey is unique in that it does not contain additives. Activon™ honey is antibacterial and helps create a healing environment. Activon™ honey has a low water content and actively draws fluid from the wound bed, assisting the body to remove devitalised or dead tissue from the wound and inhibits bacterial growth. Activon™ honey is rich in water soluble antioxidants and provides favourable conditions that promote enhanced healing. Activon™ honey rapidly reduces and eliminates wound odour.

Honey is a substance produced by bees collected as nectar from flowers which they store as food. The dilute sugar solutions collected are cleverly concentrated by evaporating off the water so that honey is typically 17% water and 80% sugars to which they add enzymes so that as the honey ripens in the comb its composition changes and it becomes impossible for microbes to grow in it and spoil the stored food. Since the earliest recorded times, humans have taken this honey for use, not only as a food product, but also as a medicine, especially for wounds. The factors, which ensure the preservation of honey in the comb, are also useful in suppressing microbial growth when honey is applied to a wound. It is for topical treatment of infections that honey has been most widely used as a medicine throughout history, and now that its use as a wound dressing has been rediscovered by the medical profession, it is on infected wounds that it is mostly being used. Activon honey is made specifically from the nectar gathered from Manuka plants which are part of the Leptospermum species commonly known as the teatree family. Honey from this plant source has been found to have a unique antibacterial property not found in honey from other floral sources. The antibacterial property of honey from other floral sources is de-activated by an enzyme called catalase which is found naturally in wounds. Activon honeys main antibacterial property is derived from the nectar of the plant which is unaffected by catalase and remains active at very low concentrations. For further information on healing with honey please visit where you will find scientific and clinical evidence to support to use of honey in woundcare.